Difference Between UI and UX

Trust us when we say that we also thought UI and UX were abbreviations of long-forgotten chemical elements, which could not make it to Mendeleev's Periodic Table because they did not mix well with anything. The truth could not have been farther away. Some people who are fluent in design language opened our eyes and explained to us what each means. Now, we shall pass the knowledge down to you.

What Is U+I?

UI stands for User Interface Design. In simple terms, this combination of words indicates the presentation of a product. If the name still feels incomprehensible, that is okay. A comparison between UX and UI will help you understand more. For now, remember that UI is the interactive connection between human and computer, based on the appearance of the latter.

What Is U+X?

UX translates in full words as User Experience Design. It is the technical brother of the graphic UI. The straightforward definition explains that UX designers occupy themselves with making sure that the product is usable and that client satisfaction is reached. The totality of UX means that it encompasses a broader spectrum of disciplines than UI to guarantee success.

Not the Same Thing

Even if you are too polite to tell us you did not understand the definitions above, we know that they are not enough. Therefore, they should not be mistaken because they are not interchangeable. Once we clarify the contrasts, we hope that you will be able to introduce the terms to your dictionary with confidence.

The easiest way to understand the difference would be through an example. Have a look at your computer. Every time you do something on it, you interact with its design. All the icons, the screen itself, the keyboard participate in the superficial, external interaction. A UI designer’s job is to optimize the appearance of those and to make the outer look comfortable to navigate through.

The User Experience involves every other aspect of the computer, the things we don’t even see. They constitute the internal communication we establish with the machine. UX designers go beyond the digital experience and develop a strategy for an optimal interaction on every level.

Now take the notions out of this example and place them in every situation. Thus, when it comes to diverse companies (such as the online betting company called https://bet-bonuscodes.com/), UX and UI are fields that take care of the service's efficiency and the client's satisfaction. What you need to remember so that you do not get confused, is that while the former aims at every aspect of the service-user experience, the latter forms the audio-visual, external interaction.

Working Together

Despite the differences, the two designing professions work together. The purpose of their collaboration is to deliver a usable, efficient, comfortable, and accessible product or service to the potential client. A successful communication would be possible when designers in both fields join forces. Only then would every box of satisfaction be ticked.